Top 12 Tricks to Boost Site Performance in 2021

Thursday May 27, 2021

Slow and steady does not always win the race. When it comes to website speed optimization, being lightweight is the way to go!

Hashtag Website Speed Optimization.

Website speed optimization - image of a speedometer.

Photo by Shuaib Khokhar on Unsplash

1. Reduce Main-Thread work

2. Minify your code

3. Defer your script files

4. Remove unused and commented code

5. Use next-generation image formats

6. Lazy-load images & sections

7. Explicit WIDTH and HEIGHTs for images

8. Setup efficient caching policies

9. Manage request chaining

10. Appropriately size images

11. Compress your files

12. Audit your site frequently

13. Use a good web hosting service

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