Current Job Openings

I am leaving these here for any body that might benefit from it. I will try to keep them as updated as possible. A friend of mine is a recruiter, so message me and I can get you connected with them ASAP.

(A lot of these jobs are remote)

Junior Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Java Dev – Mid Level (2+ years of experience)

Software Engineer 1

Software Developer

Angular Developer

[0] Technical Interview Preparation

/* Resume & CV Writing,
LinkedIn Setup & Polish
- Lots More! */

Over the last 6 years, I have interviewed at Amazon, Apple, Harvard University & a lot of other big names!

How did I get my foot in the door?

Strategy. Ready to start?

Featured in Business Insider

"Many college graduates aren’t learning a programming language that’s vital for many top tech jobs. Here’s why, and how they’re picking it up anyway"

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On my YouTube channel - PJ Codes, I make videos on Software Development in general, Javascript tutorials, vlogs and thought-sharing segments. If you are currently a developer or are working towards becoming one, follow my channel!

Here, I believe that everyone can learn and with consistency, dedication and hard work, you can achieve all your goals as a developer - even ace that Google interview... so keep grinding and keep Git-Pushing!

[2] Medium /* Technical tutorials, articles and much more! */

On Medium, I write about all Software Development related topics... click on the button below for more!

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[3] About // An intro...

PJ Codes Selfie

Coding for me is like art.

I have always had a keen interest in the creative aspect of things. Before the development, logic, decision-making and strategy, stands the most initial - conception phase. In this phase is where rough drafts are made, wireframes are built and mockups are finalized, a certain superpower is needed.

A strength in logically visualizing a certain interface while keeping in mind accessibility and user-experience, but also in maintaining a beautiful user-interface which users can enjoy. After this point, the browser becomes a mere canvas. A blank page, where art is created.

This is where my strengths lie.

I have always had a love for the creative, but I have also forever been passionate about technology. Fusing the two together has created a magic so powerful that it fuels me to be the 5am artist who survives on coffee and code. I believe that before classifying one's self as a Front-End, Back-End or Full-Stack developer, one should strive to be a good Software Developer, who enjoys working and thrives within their niche.

Aside from coding, I believe it to be imperative that one maintains a good work-life balance. I enjoy Bicycling, Gardening, Wood-working, exercising and watching boring WW2 History-Channel documentaries.

If this sounds like someone you would enjoy working with, please keep scrolling further!

[4] Featured Side Projects // My top two

Earthquake Alert pic
let project = 'Earthquake Alert'; // Fav

An app that uses the USGS REST API to pull in live Earthquake data from around the world into a clickable table feed, which changes pin on a map.

I used React, Redux combined with D3 JS to chart a powerful and informative graph based on button click. This app is on-going and i have yet to make some CSS refinements, along with a ton of planned features.

The end goal of this project is to publish a short sociological study on the implications of high-magnitude earthquakes on the affected populus.

let project = 'Planet Watch';

Built in React, this app that provides a consolidated narrative on several Global and Astronomical issues.

The cornerstone feature of this app is the NEO (Near Earth Object) tracker feature i built using the NASA Data API. The app pulls in data on asteroids that are relatively close to Earth and lists their speed, trajectory, size, composition and more. By hitting the 'Hypothetical Hit', the app lists those properties and presents a danger level based on proximity and speed.

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